Diploma “100° Anniversario Sez. CAI NOVARA”


Diploma “100th Anniversary CAI NOVARA Section”

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the CAI Section of Novara, the Diploma is established “100th Anniversary CAI Novara Section”

Participation: It is open to all Italian and foreign OM and SWL.

Period: from 00:00 UTC of 15/02/2023 to 24:00 UTC of 31/07/2023.

Bands and Modes: The bands that will be use are 80-40-20-15-10 Mt. and in the following emission modes:

SSB, CW, RTTY and FT8.

Scoring and Reports: The bilateral connections with RS relationship with the II1CAI station of the ARI Section of Novara, for the purposes of the diploma will have value:

CATEGORY (A) 1 point in SSB

CATEGORY (B) 2 points in RTTY/FT8


The special callsign station can be connected only once a day in each band and emission mode.

Obtaining the Diploma: In order to request the diploma, it will be necessary to have achieved 50 points for Italian OMs and at least 50 points for foreign OM.

For SWL will apply the same rules of OM.

Requests must be received by 31/12/2023, attaching the electronic log extract in Adif or Cabrillo format.

The diplomas awarded and Eletronic QSL, can be downloaded directly from Hamaward and the website www.arinovara.it

Awards: All those who request the Diploma will enter the final classification by right.

The first classified in the category will be awarded with a silk-screened plate and with a paper diploma the 2nd and 3rd place downloadable on the site.

A special diploma will also be awarded to all II1CAI activator stations

The rankings will be published on the website www.arinovara.it , RadioRivisita and QRZ.COM.

Note: All OMs and SWLs who will contact station II1CAl at least once will be sent a special QSL upon request via the bureau, and via direct upon receipt of a pre-stamped envelope.

Further information: www.arinovara.it and qrz.com.